We are one of the leading institutions of the "University of Applied Sciences" model.

Our name ascribes us to produce knowledge, conduct R&D studies and by conveying the information into the life it is to make available and useful for our peoples’ welfare.

It is our greatest goal to realize this mission that gives us great excitement.

To this end, we are trying to create an academic atmosphere in all our campuses, which is deepened by field and sector-based training programs, practical projects and cultural richness. Instead of being a university withdrawn into its own ivory tower, we try to be a university that has opened its doors to the segments of the society it lives in and shares knowledge and intelligence with all the actors of the business world.

But we know that the way to share and to cooperate is through being open to communication.

Based on this fact, we wanted to increase the communication channels we use on the basis of technology. We wanted to remove the spatial distances between us and our young people, tradesmen, businessmen or industrialists and bring them closer to ourselves within a click.

This is what the "I have an idea" window is for.

We wanted everyone from inside or outside the university to reach us through the window "I have an idea" and share their ideas with us without hesitation. Thus, the window of common wisdom between the society and the university remains open within the boundaries of goodwill and sincerity.

We are ready to hear.