Our University, which was established with the 'Law No. 7141 on the Amendment of the Higher Education Law and Certain Laws and Statutory Decrees' published in the Official Gazette No. 30425 dated May 18, 2018, will benefit from the physical facilities of Süleyman Demirel University until it moves to its new campus.

In addition to the rich educational programs, students are offered a socially diverse campus environment. The campus is a lively living space day and night with its cultural centers, art houses, dining halls, cafeterias, sports units, banks, communication and transportation offices, dormitories, entertainment venues, student square and festivals.

During career days, national symposiums and conferences organized within the university, you can get in touch with people who have a say in their fields, benefit from their knowledge and experience, get inspiration from them and share your ideas with them.

Sports and entertainment centers in the campus add a different dimension to university life. You can play grass field football, basketball, volleyball, handball, astroturf football, tennis, athletics, horse riding, fitness, step, aerobics, cycling, climbing and table tennis in sports centers. Outside of the university, there are sports opportunities in areas such as mountaineering, scuba diving, paragliding, orienteering and cross-country. Atatürk Sports Hall in East Campus and Olympic swimming pool, capacity and equipment are among the region's best sports centers and Turkey. Since Isparta region is one of the leading winter sports centers of our country, winter sports are also given importance among other sports branches. Sports activities are organized in Davraz Ski Center in this regard.

Information Center (Library)

You can always benefit from the collections of books and periodicals in the Information Center, borrow any publications you want, bring any scientific publications you want to access from many libraries in Turkey and abroad, and take advantage of multimedia opportunities. You can read all the daily newspapers subscribed to in the Information Center, benefit from the study areas and reach the world's information at any time of the day through the Information Center.


Updated Date:10.7.2018