Although Isparta University of Applied Sciences (ISUBÜ) was established in 2018, it has a deep-rooted history, tradition, and experience with its departments. In this respect, it combines its historical experience with the dynamism of being a young university and presents a vision that looks to the future with hope.

Isparta University of Applied Sciences, one of Türkiye's universities with applied education-based Vocational Practice, aims to combine the knowledge production and transfer process with sectoral studies and to offer it as a service to society. In this context, we give importance to putting theoretical knowledge into practice by preparing our education programs in line with the stated target, and we strive to prepare our students in the best way possible for today's competitive environment by equipping them with contemporary and up-to-date information. We work in cooperation with many private or public institutions and organizations to achieve this goal.

Our university offers opportunities that will enable our students to look to the future with hope, with innovative projects and R&D studies, programs aiming at sectoral integration, internship opportunities, and scientific, social, and cultural activities. We have adopted the principle of educating our students as qualified individuals who are conscious and sensitive about human values, loyal to their cultural values, useful to their country, who can think innovatively, critically, and analytically, who are open to technological developments, who can catch the spirit of the age, who have high communication skills. For this, we strive to improve and develop the infrastructure opportunities of our university.

Being aware of the young population of our country, we are responsible for meeting the qualified manpower needs of the society by allowing our students to receive a qualified education and to develop themselves scientifically, and by preparing them in the best way possible for the competitive environment in today's conditions, where knowledge is equivalent to power. In this context, it has been our priority to train qualified manpower with knowledge and skills that will contribute to the development of our country in all aspects.

One of the prominent features of our university is the family environment it creates. Together with our academic and administrative staff, alumni, and all other stakeholders, we care about the mission of the "ISUBÜ Family" and we believe that this family environment is directly effective in our success. We are closely interested in the problems of our students and try to give our best support at the point of a solution. As a requirement of the fair, merit-based, transparent, and reliable management approach we have adopted, we care about respecting our differences and free thought. This improves our sense of belonging and reinforces our trust in each other.

Our university will continue to raise individuals who have been able to catch up with the requirements of the 21st century with their qualifications, who are competent and equipped in their field, respectful to humanity, and who are well-versed in cultural and moral values. We fully believe that the individuals we have trained and brought to society will also contribute to the development of our university, our country, and humanity.

Greetings and regards…

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz ÇATAL

Updated Date:12.10.2020